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Absolutely Steaming is a local, independent, and family run business offering a friendly professional service for the Newbury and Thatcham area. We specialise in laundry, ironing, and clean linen services. Our purpose as a business is pretty straightforward - to provide the public with a trusted, high-standard and affordable laundry service.

What are the advantages of using Absolutely Steaming? In a nutshell, our expert laundry and ironing services are convenient and professional - giving you peace of mind that your clothes will be well looked after and come back to you looking great! The money spent on a laundry service is saved on expensive detergents, supplies, and water/electricity charges. Not to mention you’ll save a lot of time and hassle.


At Absolutely Steaming, we’re conscious of being green and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. That’s why our chosen electricity supplier provides us with 100% renewable electricity. Our line of work involves a lot of power use to have your clothes looking and smelling like new, that’s why a renewable source of energy is a top priority for us.


All your clothing items are processed and ironed in a smoke and pet free environment. This is to ensure your items are returned not only looking great but smelling great too!

Finally, we pride ourselves on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re proud of our professional family-run business, and it’s important to us that you feel satisfied with the service too.

iron only
Iron Only

If you have a hectic lifestyle or hate the thought of ironing, Absolutely Steaming is here to eliminate your ironing chores by providing a friendly and professional ironing service to customers in Thatcham, Newbury, and the surrounding areas.


Our local ironing service is particularly popular for people with important work or social events coming up. So next time you need to look your best and want to find an affordable and professional ironing service near you, Absolutely Steaming is your best bet!

Wash, Dry & Iron

All laundry that we take in for washing will be washed as received. If you would like whites washed separately, it’s important that you separate them and let one of our team members know.


As part of our laundry service, we use non-bio detergent that is certified against envelope viruses such as Covid-19. This tried and tested detergent gives us the ability to wash at both low and high temperatures and ensure that all the items we wash are returned clean and safe. Book our laundry services in Thatcham to save yourself time and hassle.  

Wash & Dry
Wash, Dry & Fold

Again, just like our wash, dry, and iron service, all laundry received for washing and folding will be washed as received. So, if you would like whites washed separately to colours, please ensure that you separate them beforehand.



All our laundry and ironing services are charged by weight and then rounded to the nearest kilogram. (Should you have an issue with any item of your laundry please contact us within 24hrs of collecting your items.)


We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and being the local family-run laundry service near you. We’re always happy to help with any questions or concerns, so feel free to get in contact!


£4.50 per kg

£16.95 any size Duvet

£25.95 Mattress Topper


£7.75 per kg


£6.00 per kg




Unit 8-9

Green Lane Industrial Estate


RG19 3RG


01635 869 133


* Mon - Thu: 7:00am - 4:00pm

* COVID-19 reduced operating hours